Tales On Project

Tales On Project

The project is aimed at female photographers in Addis Ababa, inviting them to participate and give their own perspectives on DISTANCE. This is a young female perspective, in a generative tale that looks at their participation in society and culture in their role as potential stakeholders of tomorrow.

The idea is to give them a voice and an audience to reduce distances through awareness and understanding. They are the embodiment of a young and contemporary Ethiopia throwing messages out to the world, inviting the European public to engage in detailed analysis and bridge the divide between peoples. It’s about the everyday reality of Ethiopia bursting into another everyday reality, the thoughts and reflections of young Africans reaching young Europeans, and a country “measuring” itself through the eyes of women outside stereotypes.

All these activities will be held and draw meaning from the concomitance and relationship between Ethiopia and Europe to develop a proactive cultural bridge that can be used to understand the present-day. Addis Ababa is the main protagonist, cast in the role of a nucleus that generates works/messages by the authors involved, whilst the exhibition space in Venice has the task of receiving, gathering together and exhibiting messages, thus creating the perfect connection.

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