Zhou Han Shun 周傼順

Zhou Han Shun was born in Singapore and currently lives & works in Hong Kong. He is a photographer, printmaker, designer, art director and visual artist.

Zhou shot his first photograph in his early teens with his father's Minolta SRT. It was not until his college days in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts that photography and printmaking became his lifelong passion. 

He is interested in how people from different walks of life come to live together in a particular place. The congregation of people creates a multi-layered society which exist in cities throughout the world. His work is an exploration of this complicated and multi-layered world.

Layering Life

In every society, there will always be dissimilarity between lives. The rich and the poor, the fortunate and the unfortunate, the good and the bad, the young and the old.

Zou Han Shun’s work is an exploration of this complicated and multi-layered world.

In the process of creating these photographs, every roll of film is shot, rewound and left aside. What’s inside these rolls of film are forgotten. These same rolls of exposed film are then reloaded into the camera and re-shot. The end result is an unexpected and disorganized layering of images.

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