Yonas Tadesse

Yonas was born and raised in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. He is a self-taught African photographer fascinated by art from a young age. He managed to use all the resources around him, as limited as they are in his country’s context to bring his talent to the forefront of Ethiopian art and photography. Having great eyes for art and richness of stories, his inner drive comes from the meaning behind images.

In Africa there are stories everywhere, everything has a voice if given the means to speak. With the goal of being an outlet, an instrument to voice this African beauty all over the world.

A love note to harar

By Seble Samuel

and so we made a life
amidst the cloths of turquoise, magenta and speckled gold
and the dusty streets and the streaming bajajs
and the coloured walls and the balancing heads
and the winding alleys and the pungent spices
and the words sent from fiery hearts
with only truth as translation
and in the midst of it allwe made a life
so that every moment carved itself into our skin
the stories in her eight year old darting eyes
the dripping taste of gishta
the sweaty heat of a factory of honey and crumbling flour
the hyena nibbling your arm
the flickering fabrics in a sun parched field
the children swinging off the bajaj’s edge
the burgundy pillows scattering the cluttered floor
the shisha sprinkled wafts in a room full of dreas
the flashing christmas lights in the middle of summers rains
the slow unwinding of khat’s gentle ride
but most of all the serendipity
in a world that was only foreign for minutes
before a shrill voice took us home
showed us all of the grit
all of the love in a world of chaos
and so we made a life
amidst the cloths of turquoise, magenta and speckled golds
whose streets were only foreign for minutes
until all the light poured in
and we were home

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