Vicky Kassahun

Vicky Kassahun is from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ever since middle school, she took photos on her first Nokia phone. Photography began to consume her time and she eventually moved on to better and better phones, and finally was able to buy her own digital camera.

Now she is 22 years old and a software engineering student, but still, her true passion lies in photography. However, she is still figuring out her photographic style.

Ethiopians in Athens

Greece has been hit with one of the worst economic crises since the Great Depression that stormed through the world after World War I. Even though this remained a fact for the past 8 years and has caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, the Ethiopian diaspora community in Greece has prevailed and shown great strength in their efforts of entrepreneurship to which I can proudly say I am testament, throughout my stay in Athens. They bring several aspects of Ethiopian culture to life, including traditional Ethiopian restaurants and beauty salons.

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