Thomas Lemma

Thomas Lemma is an agricultural economist, by profession, whose love photography started at a young age. Since 2005.

Thomas has been training himself on different photographic techniques; he polishes his skills by selecting photographs taken by professionals and then replicating them. In 2015, Thomas’ photography is focused on nature, landscapes and wildlife (especially birds) in Ethiopia. He shares his photos on Facebook pages, the National Geographic website, on Instagram and on his photography website,

Birds, Nature and Landscape of Ethiopia

My collection consists of birds and landscapes. All of the photos are taken around Hawassa, where I am currently living; during the day I like to go on walks with my camera and capture my surroundings.  I photographed the Weaver bird as it took a bite from an avocado fruit; a Black Forest Oriole an endemic and melodic bird, which is beautiful to the eyes; a Gray Headed Gull at full stretch and a pair of Egyptian Geese feeding on grass. My landscapes are of cattle grazing in the early hours, a landscape of the Omo Valley and Phoenix tree when viewed from the bottom.  

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