Thiemo Kloss

Born June 16, 1984 in Bonn, Germany, Thiemo Kloss moved to Beijing at the age of 20 for an internship at a TV production company. In China he began taking pictures to document his new environment and a year later when he  moved to Spain to study film production, he continued to take photos..  

During his years in China and Spain, Kloss, focused on caputuiig images of every day things while learning the basics of photography. Upon returning to Germany he enrolled at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule to study visual motion design and graduated in 2011. Since 2008 his work has been shown in group exhibitions in Japan, Germany and Turkey among other countries.  


DSADDKIDSDM is an abbreviation for the German sentence “Die Stadt als die dominierende Kraft in der Strukturierung des Menschen” which means “The city as the dominating force in the structuring of humans”.

In my series I am analyzing the surrounding architecture and cityscape. I examine the repetitive, monotonic and rigid surface and structure of buildings and roads in which the inhabitants appear lost and out of their element. The overall topics are adjustment and self-determination since the surrounding architecture and the city’s infrastructure establish a system that the inhabitants have to align to. I also try to touch on the topic of surveillance in the city through the elevated perspective.

All photographs were taken in Berlin, Germany besides except for one which was taken in Beijing, China.

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