Tewodros Kifle

Tewodros Kifle was born, lives and works in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is a creative graphic designer and visual artist. He graduated from Entoto P.T. College and Ale School of Fine Arts & Design with a degree in Graphic Arts. Tewodros dabbled in photography while working as a graphic designer and as a visual artist and kept experimenting with it as to keep up with today’s vast multimedia modern art world. In 2016, Tewodros won a scholarship and attended the 2nd Bridging the Gap (BTG) animation lab workshop in Valencia, Spain. Currently, he is working on stop motion animation using photography with a combined technique in the hopes of taking his profession to the next level.

At Least For A While

Most of my photographs focus on spiritual and historical places, ordinary people, cultural items, nature, and anything new because I never know what comes next nowadays or what the future or day-to-day activities will bring to the present. I also wonder what will happen to the residual. But, capturing the present moment is something that preserves that moment for a little while until the end.

Life is something that passes by. It is transient. However, yet again, we humans strive to survive and to fulfill our own desire on a day-to-day basis going through our rhythmical activities. Some may have a chance to last longer or be remembered, some may be forgotten, some may not exist at-all, some may transcend...nothing will stand still here on earth at the end. I believe life is precious, valuable, and expensive. So I believe the best thing to do is to live from the heart of ourselves and capture or express every single moment, every thought and every feeling, however we are able to do it, with whatever we have; at least for a while and while we can get pleasure from it.

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