Tedos Teffera

Tedos Teffers is a soulful explorer of life and a junior creative director by profession. Through his photographers he invites others to walk with him. 

Since the age of six, Tedos has viewed photography as the pursuit of capturing moments that would otherwise flee away. There are moments that excite him in a beautiful way, inspire him by simply being plain, or moments that cause sadness in a reflective way. For the onlooker, Tedos’ photography is meant to be bottled expressions; they can be opened up in whichever way makes sense, but true value can only be found if the onlooker finds the picture looking back at them.


This photo series captures the human experience with what we hold dear to ourselves at a specific moment in our life. The stretched boundaries, charged emotions and leaps taken in fulfillment and acknowledgment of those cherished desires is what drives us in any given direction, evolving in sophistication as we age yet remaining intuitive. 

The fierce gestures and actions that our body exudes when interacting with an object of passion embodies the force within that is capable of anything when focused towards an intent or a particular cause.

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