Tali Mayer

Tali Mayer is a photojournalist based in Jerusalem who was born in 1989. Tali worked for a newspaper alled “Haaretz” for the past five years. During this time she also worked on her long-term project concerning the East Jerusalem neighborhood cut off by the separation wall. She has been studying international relationships and cinema, and follows social and political struggles in Israel.

The Walls Of The Neighborhood

"The Walls of the Neighborhood" is a photographic search for the life of the people who got left behind walls which separate them from their work, family, and religious center. The Anata neighborhood of East Jerusalem used to be an agricultural village, but these days it is facing poverty, pollution, and loneliness. The youth growing up there are usually seen through the visual myth of the ‘stone throwers’, but this work aims to give a more profound perspective by showing their inner society struggles and happinesses.

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