Sandeep Dhopate

Sandeep Dhopate is a freelance commercial photographer based in Mumbai, India. His USP as a photographer is a blend of disciplined business practices inherited from a successful corporate career, a distinctive artistic vision nurtured with vivid personal experiences and a technical finesse mastered under the tutelage of some of the best in the industry.

As a recipient of several awards, his works have regularly been selected to be part of exhibitions and photo festivals both nationally and internationally. He has been trained in commercial photography by two highly acclaimed photographers ‒ World Press Photo winner Mr. Arko Dutta and international award-winning commercial photographer Mr. Bharat Bhirangi.


Religion should promote independent thinking and openness to a diversity of ideas and possibilities. Instead, it has made us its slave.

Most religions promote some sort of Promised Land of eternal happiness after death. The idea must have been to encourage compassion and respect for everything around us so as to be deserving of this great reward. But somewhere down the line, we seemed to have lost the plot and started engaging in violent, forceful behaviour to gain entry to that Elysium. What made us believe in a myth so staunchly that we ignore the paradise we already have and resort to destroying everything around us? The Elysian Fields do exist and we are already here.

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