Salvo Bombara

Salvo Bombara, born 1977, lives and works in Milazzo – Sicily. A lover of art in its many forms, he quenches his thirst for learning by consuming print media, watching documentaries and collaborating with those who share his passions. His studies went through natural science and chemistry and led him to his current main work in a chemical laboratory. The combination of scientific studies and an intense passion for photography has produced a deep analysis of light, breaking down its structure in order to find the desired frequency. He soon applied his knowledge and love for an obscure use of imagery to define his own style of dark portrait photography. Bombara’s work includes mainly two photographic genres: Infrared and Underwater.


With the passage of time, Salvo Bombara’s production has focused on underwater photography.

The sea , with a deep sense of unreality that characterizes it when you dive in deep water, it quickly became his favorite place to photograph, leaving the surface acts as a filter for the light . Always a lover of dark atmosphere and melancholy, he lets the bodies fluctuate almost as if they were lifeless, but sometimes giving them a spark of vitality, defining his own style of dark portrait photography. His under water production goes through a wide project called “noiseless” and some minor collateral series.

The inspiration for his works comes mainly from painters, not from photographers, and music plays a very important role in the editing process.

 “We all have a blood pact with the water. Many people when they dive feel a sense of suffocation and fear, probably the reason is that they can not breathe and move as they are accustomed to do. But many other instead feel a strong sense of freedom and rebirth in the water, as if they were finally able to overcome gravity of earthly life, abandoning themselves to the silence of a world that is not ours but we feel that we belong to anyway “

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