Salma Abedin Prithi

Salma Abedin Prithi (b.1985) grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh and graduated in photography from Pathshala South Asian Media Institute in 2012. For Prithi, Photography was never a planned career and her job actually began as a news reporter and presenter for television channels since 2006. The next 3 years, she worked in CSV News, RTV and Desh TV but she finally left the medium after realizing her fascination with storytelling and portrait photography. Prithi started to make portraits from both cultural and social phenomenon ranging from the Bangla Cinema Industry, FDC, Dhaka to the lives of burn patients in Sushma Kairala Memorial Hospital, Kathmandu.

Gloomy Sunday

Salma Abedin Prithi is particularly interested in rituals and women’s iconography. Her project Gloomy Sunday focuses on the female as a homemaker, who spends most of her time at home dreaming of marriage, kitchen, body, womb and a child. Prithi confronts her own upbringing as a woman and questioned her fears and desires. While spending long days alone in a house after a quickly planned marriage, Prithi’s depression rose when time slowed down and her only companions were the kitchen, TV, mirror and thoughts of a child. She was jobless and almost disconnected to the outside world. Her memory was her only source to reconnect. She went back to her diary and retrieved stories of violence, fear and dream. Prithi’s sketches and photographs are the tableaus produced in her home mostly with a studio-like environment, glossy cloths, disguises and plastic objects. Her absurdist approach also deals with the body, veil, domestic works and fantasy. Prithi often creates diptychs of two immediate moments, a quick transition from one ritual to the other. Which ritual shapes the identity of a woman? Sexual ritual, religious symbolism, political or social rituals or a bizarre overlap of all? The characters of her photographs often create otherworldly appearances or maybe a ritualistic prayer by confronting the fear of death, violence and exploitation. Those personal moments deal with the deepest secrets and the fact that most Sundays were gloomy.

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