Oskar Alvarado

Born in Vitoria, Spain, Oskar Alvarado, is a photographer based in Barcelona. He holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country, where he received a grant to develop the photographic project “Connections” in an artist residence in Arteleku, Art Center in San Sebastián. Alvarado then moved to Barcelona to study at the International School of Photography Gris Art.

Since then his work has been shown internationally at the Voices Off Festival (France) and Addis Foto Fest (Ethiopia). His series focuses on the visual representation of the internal processes of people, how these are manifested in their relationship with themselves, and with their environment.


This series explores the idea of insomnia as a metaphorical scene where biological interruption of the nocturnal sleep ritual gives way to a new territory of confluences. The moment in which consciousness and unconsciousness meet; where reality and fiction blur boundaries and coexist in the mind, in a recreation of two parallel worlds that conform our identity. It explores the transition between what we appear to be and our true self, which becomes visible in privacy. The reality of each person, sometimes perturbing, takes possession of the soul in the gloom of night. Awake souls that are converted to space-time inhabitants are not used to frequenting this state where reminiscences of the past are mixed with frustrations, imaginary ghosts and recurring fears heading towards us, towards a future of changing contours. People trapped in unwanted lives, people who may try to flee from themselves--they definitively abandon themselves--or those who roam aimlessly through insubstantial spaces in a sort of scenery of fragilities. Images that built a dreamlike world: disturbing. Fragments of life staged at night, in the complicity of the city night lights or in the apparent calm of anonymous rooms.

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