Netsanet Fekadu

Netsanet Fekadu, born in Addis Ababa in 1988, received her MSc in experimental pharmacology from Addis Ababa University. Passionate about photography since high school, Netsanet sees capturing moments as finding the small pieces of a puzzle that complete the bigger picture of her reality. She has a fervent ambition to preach the endless beauty, passion and colorful vibrations that are at the core of Africa’s inimitable set of cultures and much valued traditions. Throughout the years she has learned that the most important component of photography is not the camera but what is in front of it and who is behind it.

Market Vibrations

Traditional Ethiopian markets have always fascinated me in so many ways. It is easy for one to get deeply immersed in powerful moments that can last beyond the simple acts of trade activities. These images have been taken on my trips to some of the most interesting places in the country. They solidify the exceptional spectrum of characters that lie in the diverse colors, unique personalities and the golden stillness in chaos, all representatives of typical Ethiopian open-air markets. These places remain as hubs for strengthening social interaction and places where love and true loyalty can blossom. Through a series of candid color photographs, this work hopes to invite the viewers to have a glimpse of this ordinary yet extraordinary reality.

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