Nader adem

Born in Saudi Arabia in 1984, Nader Adem, lives and works in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Nader’s first encounter with the world of photography was at a World Press Photo exhibition in 2003. It exposed him to the compelling power that photographs had to reflect the myriad realities of the world around him. Deaf by birth, Adem has used photography as a form of self-expression, using it to present his view on issues that are close to his heart. He seeks opportunities to enhance his knowledge and skills, while challenging himself to think outside of the box. His subject choices vary, although he feels more engaged when working on documentaries, landscapes and portraits, he draws inspiration from everyday life. 

“Life as a Disabled Person”

“Life as a Disabled Person”, is a collection of portraits and personal accounts of individuals living with different physical disabilities in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Each photograph tackles the individual’s resilience, determination, hope and triumph over social and physical limitations.

The poignant style used in the photos reflects the challenges and perseverance of the disabled community in Ethiopia. By shedding light on an often overlooked social group, Nader also tells the story of individuals striving to challenge and surmount the general perception of their impaired abilities. 

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