Malala Andrialavidrazana

Born a traveler, Malala Andrialavidrazana, is a visual artist with a background in architecture. Her research is focused on the notion of barriers and interactions within cross-cultural contexts. Adrialavidranzana digs behind scenes, in a back and forth succession between private spaces and global issues to explore social imaginaries, primarily through the photographic medium. Gradually she has invents a language whose approach is resolutely turned toward History but whose engagement in the City remains active. With a subtle hint of anthological fieldwork, examining the in-between space in a multitude of heres and nows, her visual compositions open up the possibility of alternative storytelling.

Andrialavidrazana graduated from Paris La Villette School of Architecture in 1996. Her “d’Outre-Monde” series, disclosing funerary customs at the boundaries of nature and culture, was awarded the prestigious HSBC Prize for Photography and relased by the renowned Actes Sud publisher in 2004. She received the joint support of the Institut Francais and the National Arts Council of South Africa through the France-South Africa Seasons 2012 & 2013 program for her project “Echoes (from the Indian Ocean)”, published by Kehrer Verlang in 2013.

Over the past years, her work has been exhibited in numerous international and cultural events including: Foundation Donwahi (Ivory Coast, 2016), Bamako encounters (Mali, 2005/2015), Theatre National de Chaillot (France, 2015), New Church Museum (South Africa, 2014), La Maison Rouge (France, 2014) SUD Triennial (Cameroon, 2013), Gulbenkian Foundation (Portugal/France, 2013), SAVVY (Germayy, 2013), Focus Mubai (India, 2013), Biennale Benin (Benin, 2012), KZNSA (South Africa, 2012), Tiwani (UK, 2012), DIPE (China, 2011), Pan African Festival (Algiers, 2009), UCCA (China, 2008), Central Electrique (Belgium, 2007), recontres d’Arles (France, 2007), Herzliya Museum (Israel, 2007), Force de l’art (France, 20016).


“ECHOES” explores the intimacy of middle classes in urban areas from the Indian Ocean. More precisely, it explores the opposition between private spheres and public’s outdoors. In this series, Malala Andrialavidrazana is trying to develop new connections between architectural structures and aesthetic and socio-cultural patterns, going beyond usual clichés.

The Indian Ocean, which represents about 75 millions of square kilometers between Africa, Asia and Australia, evokes – most of the time – fantasized visions of exotic dreams, with its share of poverties that would not be acceptable in our western societies. Far away from these platitudes, the photographer is driven by the diversity of Indian Ocean communities and how identities are expressed in a world of mass communication and where uniformity seems more and more to leave its mark on people

Through her infinite and protean researches – that impose no stereotypes on us – Andrialavidrazana is presenting us day-to-day atmospheres, still-lives and fragmented portraits with elegance and subtlety. She drags us to the encounter of a group of population unknown out of its own frontiers, which is soberly fighting for a honourable social status. They are very much aware of the cultures – local or introduced a long time ago or even recently – that are the basis of their current identity.

From Antananarivo to Mumbai, from Durban to Reunion, people have created bonds through history, time, family and friendly relationships. These bonds give both a unity and a dignity to these people, mainly from middle class backgrounds, which had remained quiet until now.

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