Kibuuka Mukisa Oscar

Kibuuka Mukisa Oscar is a self-taught photographer, b-boy and social worker living and working in Kampala. Coming from a creative family background, he discovered his passion for photography at the age of 18, which later turned into a profession. With a strong influence of hip hop culture, social motivational causes, Kibuuka evolved the motto “give a smile to the world” which he endeavors to portray in his work. Kibuuka is working on a lifelong project documenting the Uganda “youth and hip hop culture” with a focus on breakdance. 

In 2013/2014 Kibuuka was the winner of the Uganda Press Photo award and attended the 3rd biennial Addis Foto Fest under the Goethe Institute ‘Moving Africa Program’ in 2014. He has many other publications, awards, and distinctions. 

Breaking Uganda; Capturing Uganda’s Breakdance Revolution

This series of work aims to document the evolution of breakdance in Uganda. As the   second most widely spread hip hop element in Uganda after rap, breakdance plays a vital role in youth empowerment, gender equality and freedom of expression.

It was during my time at the Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU) that I was first exposed to photography when I was handed a camera and told to shoot some pictures of people breakdancing. Since then I have been documenting the urban youth scene and hip hop culture that is rapidly spreading across the country’s communities. Having been a student and a teacher, practitioner and observer, I personally found a voice through breakdance and photography, the art form that has become my medium of expression and that I enjoy developing continuously.

My aim is to record and promote this growing culture in order for us to be able to trace  its history. By translating the work of the practitioners in workshops, battles, schools, slums, rural areas and the city into images I use my voice to visually celebrate the positive living associated with this dance form and raise awareness of the impact that breakdance can have on people’s lives.

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