Keyezua, is an Angolan born artist who studied in the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, Netherlands and graduated as an Interactive Media Designer. As one of the only black students in the art Academy she reinvented herself as an artist to become not just a student making noise but an Angolan Ambassador starting an art movement.

She started to produce in the best quality that she could to represent her country and continent with POWER as it was an opportunity to educate those that only knew Africa as a “country” and not as a continent with independent countries all reinventing themselves to become strong nations. 

Stone Orgasms

Stone Orgasams is a work of art that depicts women that went through Female Genital Mutilation not as victims but as heroes. The collages exhibit survivors, their strength with stones as an identity made me further develop the women into different artworks that explore the female body, especially the ones that went through violence or psychological challenges.

Keyezua’s artwork depicts fictional women that had their clitoris and external genitalia removed. Keyezua visually explores the ritual of mutilation, exploring its affects on body and self. The cruel manipulation of the body is resembled in the portrait collages. Body parts are turned into self-destructive stones, mirroring the lack of feeling or capacity to enjoy sexuality. The artwork draws attention to the fact that more than 125 million girls and women worldwide suffer from this religious practice and are damned to live with the physical and emotional scars for the rest of their lives.

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