Heba Khalifa

Heba Khalifa was born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1977. Heba Khalifa is a multimedia artist, photojournalist and painter. After graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo in 2000 with a Diploma in Decorative Cinema and Theater she studied at the High Institute of Art Critics. Not satisfied by artistic tools alone she started using photography as an essential part of her artistic projects. Her work was initially experimentations with photography and painting. Her interest in documenting and representing women and gender issues led her to photojournalism.


 “Be careful, you are a girl” summarizes the experience of many women.  This project started with a private group of women on Facebook where we share our feelings and personal stories, faces turn red, tears fall, and a magical bond is born. Together we visualize the image of their stories.  After many meetings and photographs I notice a change, they open up, they feel liberated.  Storytelling is a way to heal, to free ourselves from the weight of experience. The traditional way of life, internet, and newspaper don’t feel right.  I knew when I shared these photos on facebook that the women that were in them didn’t share their photos. The photos made them feel naked, showing too much of their feelings.  They are afraid of the comments from their friends and family, and especially the comments from strangers judging them.

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