Geremew Tigabu

Geremew Tigabu was born in Gonder in 1988 and graduated from Addis Ababa University in Procurement and Supplies Management in 2008. He has been working as a marketing professional for almost five years. Geremew has been interested in photography since childhood. He was always the one to take pictures on holidays, birthdays and special events in the family. In the past three or four years, he has grown even fonder of photography. He loves photography because it allows him to express himself to the fullest. He sees different perspectives of the world through the lens. Most importantly he loves people and there is no better way to tell human stories than through photography. 

Meskel Crowd

My work is about Meskel Celebrations or the “Finding of the True Cross”,  in Ethiopia. Often times we concentrate on the way church members perform and the way the Ethiopian Orthodox Church celebrates this yearly religious festival. I tried to candidly convey how the crowd celebrates this religious festivity. My goal was to capture the emotions and the reactions of the people who are there to celebrate this spectacular religious festivity. The way Meskel is presented to the wider audience is captivating.

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