Genaye Eshetu

Genaye Eshetu is an Ethiopian photographer and Creative Communicator. She did her Masters in Journalism and Communication. Since then, she has been working as a Communications Specialist for various non-profit organizations. Her photographic scope covers various styles and subjects. However she aims to tell stories through her images. Genaye aspires to combine and use various means of communications, especially media, which is the global language of this generation, for creative storytelling. 

Gojjam Azene

These pictures are collections of portraits of people wearing Gojjam Azene, a common scarf worn amongst both men and women, in the Gojjam area. These pictures are taken in various market areas. One might wonder how Gojam Azene got its name and became common in the Gojam area. Derg officials who were jailed, after EPRDF took over, learned lots of skills while in prison. Some of them were trained as weavers. When they left prison after serving their sentence, they walked out with their heads low, in shame, covered in these new forms of ‘gabi’ they made while in jail. People saw them and said, Gojam Azene.

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