García de Marina

Born in Gijón in 1975, García de Marina surfaced from a deep transformation in 2010. A slumbering passion for photography broke through his privacy, and started a sparkling career characterized by photographic reflection. In less than a year de Marina unveiled his rare photographic gaze on social networking sites, and presented his work in various exhibitions. 

This Poet of the Prosaic made the leap from social networking to the galleries in a few months’ time. His uncommon creativity has not gone unnoticed in the Spanish as well as the foreign media, having his work published in several European and South American countries. He has made a number of individual exhibitions and taken part in different collective exhibits.


"Nimio means something small, insignificant, thorough. However, this adjective, coming from Latin word "Nimius", used to be given an opposite meaning to the present until the XVIII. Until then, Nimius only referred to massive or excessive objects and concepts. As a consequence of a misinterpretation error, it started to be used according to the current meaning. This play on words with double meaning lends its name to the collection of photographs that compose this exhibition."

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