Djibril Drame

Djibril Drame is a young visual artist, journalist and publicist with over 10 years of experience. He is known amongst his visual peers as “Gadaay/GodEye”. Drame, well connected in the artistic world, embarked on many exhibitions and competitions in Europe to share his work through his popular art collection known as My Colored City in which he pushes the envelope of Senegalese street art and the talents that play a great part such as graffiti artists, hip hop activists and ambassadors of urban culture.

In 2007, Drame participated as one of the youngest artistic photographers in the book Dakar Emoi, an editions of Vives Voix. Right after this project, he joined the popular daily newspaper L’As where he hosted for one year a section of photographs called A picture is Worth 1000 Words. In 2010, he represented Senegal in an international event of contemporary art, the GRAFFRICA Festival (Las Palmas), and in 2011 at the Festival of the City of Tarifa (Spain), and so many more.

Ndewendeul/Eid Studio

For over four years the artist photographer Djibril Drame better known as Godeye (Gadaay) has been capturing portraits on the occasion of the feast of EID (better known as Tabaski and Korité in Senegal) as a tradition in his work.

This series is the result of Tabaski 2014 in his adopted neighborhood Liberte VI (Dakar / Senegal). In this series, we note the presence of the artist Art Of Papi, the creator of the clothing line Nio Far, El Hadji Malick Badji, Sarah Nina, my nephew Sheikh, the graffiti artist of the legendary group Deep the Senegalese graffiti Mizerables Grafff and son Baby Key, creator of the brand Oumar Sall Mwami, Moussa Wane and finally Ibti Sam and his three compatriots Comoros Islands.

Drame’s mission is to showcase the beauty of Africa. His life is to rebrand the image of Africa by sharing his own beautiful shots of the continent. This is how his project “My Colored City” gave birth to the “Ndéwèndeul” Studio (known as Eid in most Muslim communities).

The Ndéwèndeul” Studio moves into neighborhoods and creates a space in a makeshift studio to allow people to have beautiful memories for free. Each person is asked to describe their most memorable Tabaski, after which they are photographed and given a print photo on the spot.

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