Brook Zerai

Brook Zerai completed his primary education at Lycée Gebre Mariam. Brook has travelled all over the world for the past 10 years with the goal of discovering the world. In the process, he found himself photographing, filming and painting the reflection of wonder he saw in the world and even within himself. He also works to commemorate the creative legacy of his beloved elder sister, would-be architect, and born artist, Loul Zerai, who passed away in a tragic car accident when at the age of 23. He was recently invited by the Goethe Institute to represent Ethiopia in international photography exhibitions held in Sudan, Egypt, and in the prominent Bauhaus in Germany to exhibit his work about life by the Nile. 

Divine Contact

Brook documents spiritual subjects from all over Ethiopia and incorporates them into his unique and original technique of superimposition; he overlays ancient Ethiopian monastic paintings with his own work. 

The great spirit of love unifies and bonds all people. That divine spirit is the backbone that keeps Ethiopia unified and at peace. When the love of power exceeds the love of “the divine spirit”, Ethiopia shakes and breaks one day at a time. Ethiopia must surrender her power and influence unto love.

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