Aron Simeneh

Aron Simeneh is a young photographer based in Addis Ababa who developed his love for photography at an early age. His passion for documenting music concerts and festivals is what initially pushed him to this field. Aron has a great eye for concert photography and has been at the forefront of the biggest music concerts and festivals for the past three years bringing moments to life through his shoots. His other passions are documentary and portrait photography. There are so many untold stories around him, and he believes has the capacity and responsibility to give such stories their much deserved attention by documenting them. Under the mentorship of Aida Muluneh, Aron had the chance to show his work in Brookyln’s Photoville and in the Bamako Biennale.

Patriot’s Day Celebration

Aron’s series portrays Ethiopian patriots on Victory Day in 2015. Ethiopia is the only country in Africa that has never been colonized. During the Scramble for Africa, Ethiopia defeated Italy not once but twice! Addis Ababa celebrates “Victory Day” every year on May 5th. This day commemorates fallen and still-living Ethiopian soldiers who sacrificed and risked their lives for the sake of their country. 

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