South Africa

Angus MacKinnon

Angus MacKinnon (1991) is a Johannesburg-bred and based, South African photographer. He graduated from the University of Cape Town’s Michaelis School of Fine Art with a BAFA in 2013. In 2014, he participated in the Invisible Borders Roadtrip Residency as a photographer. The act of working is a theme that has surfaced in his practice over the last few years, alongside transport and the environment. As a native of South Africa, it wasn’t until he travelled around the continent that he really began to engage with the weight of the past, the diverse realities of today and the schizophrenic future of Africa. He is interested in the complexities of people, places and pastimes that exist and function today and what impact these have as the continent looks to the future. He has worked in 19 different countries, has exhibited both locally and internationally and his work is included in a number of private and corporate collections.

Some Taxi Drivers

Some Taxi Drivers (Ongoing) is an ode to taxi drivers of Africa and their workspace; coupled as an act of personal exploration. In 2014 when I first visited Lagos, Nigeria I was fascinated by the extensive, dynamic and chaotic public transport system that constantly serves the city’s inhabitants. This fascination continued throughout the rest of my travels in West Africa and is still something that occupies me today. By photographing and engaging with the individuals who make a living as taxi drivers, I hope that they will reveal something about themselves and their environment to me. The purpose of a backdrop is multi-layered; on one hand it serves an aesthetic function, and on the other, it requires a trusting relationship to be built between the photographer and subject because of the permission and time that is required to set the shot up. It is also functions as a space between the street and the studio, where does the one end and the other begin? Inspiration for this set up is partially drawn from temporary outdoor photo studios that produce driving license portraits.

For me, the significance of these images really lies in the personal relationships that were crafted with the participants of my photographs, as well as within the diversity of people and their vehicles that exists around the essential act of portaging people.

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