Amine Landoulsi

Amine Landoulsi, born in Tunisia in 1976, is a self-taught photographer. His career began taking shape in late 2010 and early 2011 with the rise of the Arab Spring. As Tunisia was propelled into international news headlines, demand for images depicting life in Tunisia rose and Landoulsi was able to generate many important images depicting the situation in different parts of the country. Since then Landoulsi has been involved in the photography scene in Tunisia; in 2010/2011 he co-founded and coordinated “Club photo de Tunis”. He also participated in several group exhibitions in Tunisia, France, USA, Slovenia and Brazil. Landoulsi has worked for the Associate Press (AP) and is currently working for the Anadolu Agency. 

In between :

Photography can be viciously true or incredibly deceptive. Despite of this delusive evidence, photography has succeeded in shaping and influencing society over the years. Photojournalism is increasingly jeopardized by the growth of the industry and the popularization of photography.

This egalitarian reality is pushing professionals to seek for ways to distinguish their work.

Sometimes, we tend to forget the human behind the lens. No one can be unbiased. Every photographer has a unique and distinctive gaze. Landoulsi, photojournalist by fate first, circumstantially after the Arab spring, captures frozen moments, behind the scenes while covering news, with an esthetic and sensitive approach.

This series is definitely considered as "reportage", and it not need any complements to tell a story; although, it can easily be taken from its context to ascend to a more artistic and poetic denomination.

Between 2012 and 2015, Landoulsi witnessed the political and social changes in Tunisia. However, photojournalism, for him, is not only about covering news, but it's also about finding refinement where you least expect it.

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