Aman (Tyro) Alemayehu

Aman (Tyro) Alemayehu studied at St. Joseph School and is currently a student of architecture at the EiABC (Ethiopian institute of Architecture, Building construction and City development). He is 22 years old and is fueled by interesting ideas, fun times, and stories. He plans to publish exceptional novellas in the future, because, even in photography, he takes most of his photos to tell stories. He sees himself as a storyteller

Walked By Yet Untraveled Roads

As Aman was born and raised in Addis Ababa, most of his works and stories revolve around this city. All photographs in his series are connected in one way or another to this: routes, paths, roads, thoroughfares, lanes, boulevards, highways, sidewalks, and streets. Aman believes these pictures represent Addis Ababa’s roads. Out of all the stories left unseen or unspoken, here are a few that he has captured.

There is a totally different life just outside the door on the streets. Aman has captured the ways houses are built and designed. He captured local lifestyles. His photos reflect his childhood joy as he ran across streets. They depict finding “tela” signs, kids, bus, poverty, animals, waste, or even curtains that simulate doors. His photos convey the human bond to animals. During holidays, herds of cattle cause dense traffic jams around the city. Religious ceremonies like Demera and Juma take place on these streets as well. Through his photographs, Aman acknowledges the labor force and how it imitates a colony of ants while walking on these streets.

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