Ala Hmedy

My name is Ala Hmedy and at this point in my life, my goal is to be a “conceptual” artist. I am interested in writing and arts majors, drawing, video art, photography as well as installations. I have experimented with different visual arts at school and during my first two years of college in Syria too. I have had several professional experiences and trainings in photography and participated in making a short movie in the past.

I have been a licensed photographer by the Syrian Ministry of Culture since 2009. I worked at a local magazine as a photographer in 2011-12, and participated in several photography exhibitions, one of which was in Belgium - after the selection of 3 of my photos to be displayed in the exhibition on Women and Revolutions in the Arab world, held by Aswa Concours in Brussels in December 2013. And I participated in “the big picture” exhibition in Dubai in 2015.

My professional and personal plan is to enter the domain of short movies and visual arts that shed light on the many social and cultural issues in post-revolution Syria. I hope to be able to contribute positively and critically in the debate about the post-war society, the rebuilding efforts, public issues, and to help build a critical democratic culture in which artistic creation and production is essential.

All arts play a crucial role in such a process, and Syria especially lacked this kind of contribution from the artistic field in the past. On a personal level, my plan is to work on perfecting both my photography skills and visual scene skills, and to get a university degree in new media arts.

My point is sharing my works in several countries with different cultures and attitudes and that is the main objective of the all exhibitions that I intend to do in the future.


Conceptual art is sometimes a very minimalist art form of thoughts that pretends to mimic the world in an unparalleled style, similar to how the  human eye might perceive reality.

Ultimately, I’m trying create an abstract method to expound, convert what one might indicate, imagine and visualize as reality.

My aim is to take photographs from years past has ultimately been about trying to find myself, in a minimalist aura. It is fundamentally me discovering me, in a psychological and existential way.

If an artist is one who spends his life trying to define and expose his being, I guess I would have to call myself an artist.

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