Aderemi Adegbite

Aderemi Adegbite is a multimedia artist whose preferred mediums are photography and video. As an interdisciplinary artist, Adegbite’s current focus questions individual realities and truth(s) that stretch across the societal fabric as constants for an elastic socio-system. He is interested in how past experiences (agonies, joys, businesses, travels and religious beliefs) of being part of a family reshape the individual’s present conditions, and serve as catalysts for “the” surrealistic future. The psychological effect of the idea “one for all, all for one,” is at the centre of his new interventions through photography and video art.

He has been commissioned for photographic projects by both art and media organizations locally and internationally some of which are Contemporary And, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Terra Kulture, BornTroWay Project and Goethe Institut. His works have been published in newspapers, magazines and online platforms like Amnesty International Magazine – “Wordt Ver Volgd”, Afropolitan Vibes Magazine, The Guardian Newspapers and Luxemburg Wort and many more.


This series is psychotherapy, as the visual representation of the meaning of being (life) and existence is questioned. Being the first child of my mother, seventh of my father – in a complicated socio-cultural matrix of my upbringing, my options were limited. It’s been a battle to overcome challenges in a quest for surviving challenges for survival, both personal and for the larger family structure.

Locked within myself for months, searching for the “way”, I found a glimpse of a “way out” in my name: Aderemilekun – “he has come to SOOTHE my SORROW.” My compassion over time had been lent to my sibling, right from my childhood. Not consoling to realize that my existence has been molded to support others, but it’s a “time-out” – a ventilation of melancholic state.

In this series I presented my uncle as a shadow from which I departed; it was the beginning of my own psychological and spiritual freedom, even from myself; hence it is titled: “TIME OUT.” In various sports, “Time out” is used to change the tone of the game for better results and more entertainment.

In my maternal Uncle’s trajectory, I found common realities and his images served as motif for me to relieve myself from the deadly world of depression.

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