Abduselam Ademnur

Abduselam Ademnur, currently studies at Mekelle University in the field of Architecture as BSc and Developmental Studies as MSc program. He is an amateur student in photography and painting. However, he understands that it is the story the pictures convey that truly moves the audience. Art has been a source of positivity for Abduselam’s soul. It is not easy for him to see something that is untold and pass by as if he never witnessed it. Reality should be told and discussed. He believes that all of us need a shunt to distract our souls from the turmoil with which we are engaged. For Abduselam, there is nothing that speaks louder than vivid pictures.

Come and See What I See

So many stories are yet unseen, unrevealed and untold. I see buildings overshadowing small huts and man-made lights covering lives, leaving them in darkness. Oftentimes, no one contemplates such stark contrasts unless they are made obvious. In this project, I would like to convey the perspectives of the people by whom I am surrounded. In this project, I show that nature is beautiful and I remind society of their unfair treatment to it. I like to use photography as a medium to tell hidden stories and show different angles of life to the world. I want to make a difference not only for myself but for the whole community that has helped make me who I am. 

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