Abdo Shanan

Member of “220” collective. Known as Abdo Shanan (original name Abdelhafid Chenane) was born in 1982 in Oran, Algeria from a Sudanese father and Algerian mother. Until 2006, he studied Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Sirte, Libya. In 2012, he completed an internship at Magnum Photos Paris, giving him the opportunity to reflect on his photographic approach and make his first story for the magazine Rukh About Oran. His photographs are published in Dodho magazine, Aigle Azur magazine, Roads and Kingdoms and Privet magazine. In 2015 he received a nomination for Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund.

Diary Exile

In this part of the world dreams are hard to pursue not because they are big but because they are different. In this society, certain success is bound to a predefined path. The system refuses to accept change and fails to evolve. Every generation is bound to have a “failure to launch”; a reality that might contaminate dreams to more acceptable variations.

You find yourself refusing to vanish in a crowd of broken dreams or merge with the grays. Exile becomes a stronghold against a prefabricated reality, a shield that will protect who you are, an exile surrounded by solitude, disappointment, and fears of time ticking, growing old and accomplishing nothing but a broken version of your own self. Only a heart full of hope and anticipation will give you the courage to carry on. Only dreams will be enough to shine alive and prove the system is broken. Society needs to reproduce itself through the dreams of those who have the courage to cross boundaries, red lines and the forbidden. 

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