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History In Progress Uganda “Musa Katuramu Archive”
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Stultiens focuses on the production of alternative versions of the representation of history and culture (particularly in Uganda, and more generally Sub-Saharan Africa). Under the name History In Progress Uganda, and in collaboration Rumanzi Canon, Stultiens digitizes photography collections in Uganda and shares them on facebook, on a website and in exhibitions that take place both in and outside of Uganda.
In 2013 Stultiens started a PhD research at PhDarts (Leiden/The Hague) that focuses on the photographic documentation of individual lives. Those lives all have a relation to (a place or places in) Africa. She looks at how the documentation from an individual perspective can be put to use in narratives that can diversify collective memory in a post-colonial context. Stultiens works parttime at the BFA programs of Academy Minerva in Groningen as a researcher and teacher.

Rumanzi Canon born in 1991 set up History In Progress Uganda in 2011 with Andrea Stultiens. Next to the work for HIPUganda Rumanzi has his own artistic practice. For 'Ebifananyi 2, People Poses Places, Musa Katuramu' he photographed the landscape of western Uganda that formed the backdrop of many of Musa Katuramu's images and that he himself grew up in.


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