Addis Foto Fest 2012

Puma Peace Screening

Puma Films4Peace

Location: Addis Ababa City Hall and Edna Mall Cinema Center
Show #1: Films for Peace/Puma Peace

PUMA is proud to present the works of 7 international filmmakers as open content to be shown at the World Peace Festival 2011. “Peace starts with me” is the theme for a new annual PUMA.Peace commission. This year seven international artists and filmmakers created original works. Curated by PUMA.Creative Chief Curator, Mark Coetzee, and produced by Shooting People, these films encompass a diverse range of styles; including 35mm live action, experimental animation and fine art. Conceived as 30 to 90 second films to facilitate online as well as live screenings, the works are based on the idea that “peace starts with me”. PUMA.Peace commissioned these films under an agreement with the artists that they can openly be downloaded and shown, without any fees, thus acting as ongoing tools for peace-for all. The filmmakers range from world-renowned award-winning artists, to recent graduates; all were selected for the quality and scope of their work and their sensitivity in interpreting this year’s theme.

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