Addis Foto Fest 2012


River Tales

Photographic Narratives along the River Nile

The Nile is the longest river in the world, originating in the mountains of Ethiopia and Lake Victoria, pouring out into the Mediterranean after a long journey. The Nile is life and change, past, present and future at the same time; telling stories of the people living on its shores.

Curated by the German photographer André Lützen, several RIVER TALES have been compiled in the countries on the banks of the Nile, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. These RIVER TALES were exhibited in Khartoum in 2013, three of them have now come to Addis Ababa.

From the source of the Blue Nile, the RIVER TALE “Lessons of humility by the Blue Nile” (Brook Zerai) is telling about spiritual scholars and pupils in Ethiopia. “Lab of Creation” (Mohamed Elsadig) from Sudan is leading to the depths of clay and how it is formed by humans. The Egyptian tale „A day in the life of a Rosetta family“(Mahmoud Alabd) takes us to a little village at the Nile delta, discovering simple people’s lives.

This collection will show during the Visions of Africa exhibition at the Sheraton Dec 1-5, 2014.


a special group of curators, enthusiasts and photographers will join the Addis Foto Fest throughout the week long event to experience not only the River Tales Collection but all of the exhibits, screenings and reviews.


POPCAP is a non-profit organization that aims to raise the profile of African photography in the arts and provide more publicity for artists engaging with the African continent. POPCAP offers a plat- form for photographers to attract international interest and to be recognized by key players in the arts scene. An important aspect of POPCAP is the multi-layered international network that gives the award stability. is an international online portal that has been presenting the portfolios of contemporary photographers since 2009, as well as maintaining an international catalogue of important photography festivals, magazines and institutions. It was established by Berlin-based Swiss artist Benjamin Füglister. The execution of the competition and the exhibitions is organized in collaboration with Liaison Association for Cross-Disciplinary Culture, represented by arts manager Angela Nyffeler in Zurich, Switzerland.

POPCAP was first awarded in 2012. Five winning portfolios were exhibited in the city centre during Art Basel in a publicly accessible exhibition. The number of applications and jury members has since grown from 140 submissions from 39 countries and nine judges in 2012 to 360 submissions from 57 countries and 14 judges in 2013 to currently 720 submissions from 88 countries and 23 judges.

This exhibition is integrated into the Visions of Africa Exhibition at the Sheraton Dec 1-5, 2014.

The Artists included in the Pop Cap Competition include:
Joana Choumali (Cote d'Ivoire), Patrick Willocq(France), Ilan Godfrey(South Africa), Léonard Pongo(Belgium), Anoek Steketee & Eefje Blankevoort(The Netherlands)







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