Addis Foto Fest 2012

Finding Vivian Maier


Vivian Maier was a mystery even to those who knew her. A secretive nanny in the wealthy suburbs of Chicago, she died in 2009 and would have been forgotten. Until John Maloof, an amateur historian, uncovered thousands of negatives at a storage locker auction and changed history. Now, Vivian Maier is hailed as one of the greatest 20th Century photographers along with Diane Arbus, Robert Frank, Henri Cartier- Bresson and Weegee. Finding Vivian Maier unearths the Artist’s story, combing through thousands of her negatives, Super 8 film footage and audio recordings she left behind. As the filmmakers track down an odd collection of parents who hired her, children she cared for, store owners, movie theatre operators and curious neighbors who remember her, the story offers a portrait that is at times bewildering and troubling.








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