Addis Foto Fest 2012

Aida Muluneh


Dear Friends and Peers,

Since the start of this journey to organize the Addis Foto Fest in 2010, I often get the question of why I choose to undertake such a large and ambitious activity such a festival in a region that has not seen this type of international event in its history. My response often goes back to the first few years of teaching in Ethiopia and realizing that it wasn’t only education that was needed but that we also need an event in which we can also create opportunities to exchange ideas, resources and approaches on photography. Hence, the Addis Foto Fest has been a learning process for me in more ways then one, in a sense it has introduced me to the amazing international community of photographers but more importantly it has also given me a window into the new emerging talents of photographers in Ethiopia. In the past four years the Addis Foto Fest has been a witness to the growing number of photographers from Ethiopia who are producing collections that reflects the changing dynamics of our country and also capturing moments in our history for the future generation. In this edition of the Addis Foto Fest we are featuring 13 photographers from Ethiopia, who also were participants in our DFA Photography Workshop that took place last year. Looking at the collection of “Visions of Africa,” in the Addis Foto Fest (which features 17 countries from the contient), is a pallet of images that shows our history, challenges, transformation and more importantly our renaissance as one of the most diverse and ancient continents.
With this said, the main objective of the Addis Foto Fest is that ‘we are bringing the world to Africa and Africa to the world through images.’ Hence, this year I am very much excited to also feature photographers from Asia and the Middle East, its quite fascinating to see the varying visions through photography which can also be defined by a culture. Therfore, our mission is to engage our audience and through each frame, transmit them into a place, time or feeling of somewhere they have never been.
Therefore, the selection process for this edition was not based on a conventional submission procedure but rather as a photographer myself, just wanting to see what my peers were working on that I admired. Hence, the Addis Foto Fest doesn’t work by themes but by the global look into photography. Through this approach our audience is getting to view the full spectrum of photography that ranges from photojournalism, fine art photography to also include installations. The Addis Foto Fest which takes place every two years on the first week of December is not only showcasing exhibitions but also includes portfolio review, conferences, film projections as well as film screenings. Through various forms of images, the Addis Foto Fest aspires in showing that to dream of a world without boarders we first have to see images without the limitations of our imaginations.

Aida muluneh.
Founder/Director: Aida Muluneh
Addis Foto fest
Desta for Africa P.L.C.








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